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Vitamin and mineral deficencies are seen as a consequence of moving toward a vegan diet and certain nutrients are highlighted such as B12, Choline and Iron as being particularly low in vegan diets. The fact is anyone's diet is susceptible to nutritonal deficits if poorly constructed. I hope I have demonstrated that, certainly in the case of the aforementioned nutrients, a plant based diet can meet one's needs adequately.

8 weeks to a new 10k PB

If you aren’t a total 10k beginner but would still like a helping hand to help you reach your goal, then this plan is for you. Richard Brennan from has written this effective 8 week training plan to help you achieve your 10k goal on race day.

This program would suit an Intermediate level runner who is looking to take about 10% off their 10km PB. Not an easy task but this schedule, with the right nutrition, will help achieve it.

Richard Brennan designed this program and wrote the accompanying article for The article also appeared in Outdoor Fitness Magazine and online at

Plant Based Pugilism

Richard Brennan from Sport Science Consultants interviewed by Tome Morrissy Swan for The Telegraph. This article also appeared in Business Day