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Sports Massage for Cyclists

Sports massage is a popular recovery tool used by athletes, which has a number of benefits in speeding up recovery and rehabilitation or treating small injuries and tightness.

Using Physiological Assessment to enhance training for Runners and Cyclists

SSC offer a variety of tests to assess various aspects of fitness, including functional movement screenings (FMS), biomechanical gait analysis, and physiological assessment. Our physiological assessments include either a long-graded exercise test (LGET) or a short-graded exercise test (SGET) paired with breath-by-breath gas analysis and/or lactate sampling. These tests are essential for cyclists and runners to identify accurately current levels of fitness and areas for improvement.
Both the LGET and SGET are types of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Tests (CPET) and give us several vital pieces of information for determining how to train to improve your endurance running or cycling performance.