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Common Injuries in Golf

Common Injuries in Golf

Due to the explosive nature of golf, the tension and stress that the body is put through in repetitive swinging commonly results in injuries. There are multiple explanations for injuries in golf, such as poor technique, lack of warm-up and an incorrect grip.
Injuries frequently reported by golfers include;

Back pain

Due to the hunched position that some golfers exhibit along with the rotation of each swing, repetitive stress is placed on joints and muscles of the back. To prevent back issues, SSC recommends regularly performing strengthening exercises and altering technique to avoid hunching. Flexibility exercises are also important so that rotational effort can be performed in a more fluid movement.

Rotator cuff injury

Due to the repetitive swinging action in golf, the muscles surrounding the shoulder which stabilise the joint and produce power through the swing, can become inflamed. Inflammation of these muscles can lead to pinching in the joint also known as impingement. Rotator cuff muscles and tendons can also tear. If you are suffering from a rotator cuff injury, SSC recommend you follow the RICE method; Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Once the muscles have repaired, following a program of strengthening, stretching and flexibility exercises will help avoid repeated injury.

Knee injury

In golf the hips are often stabilised during rotation, this places stress on the lower limbs. The femur rotates in the socket which can grind against the knee and stress the muscles surrounding it. To prevent knee pain ensure stretching of lower limb muscles is performed before starting a round, and use a brace if you have weakness of muscles surrounding the knee. It is important to ensure muscles are strengthened around the knee and hip to prevent these injuries, technique can altered to reduce stiffness of lower limbs during swing.

Tendinitis in wrist and elbow

Wrist tendons can become inflamed affecting your club grip. Wrist and forearm conditioning can be performed to strengthen musculature and prevent injury.        Tendonitis can also occur in the elbow. Tennis and Golfers elbow are common injuries that occur in golf. Tennis elbow is inflammation of the lateral tendon (outer side) and Golfers elbow is inflammation of the medial tendon (inner side). Many golfers suffer more with tennis elbow than golfers elbow but both are due to repeated stress from overuse and poor technique. Golfers elbow can be attributed to poor technique, warm up and conditioning, Tennis elbow can be attributed to poor technique and too small a grip. By adjusting technique and strengthening muscles surrounding the elbow, this can prevent these injuries.

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