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Fitness BootCamps this Summer in Kent

Sport Science Consultant Ashley Buckman is running a series of fitness sessions under Go Fit! These sessions will be running in Ashford, Kent and are open to all levels of ability. The fitness bootcamps aren't like your usual military style fitness sessions which focus on big muscles and getting strong. Ashley uses up to date strength and conditioning research to design sessions that will help with general fitness, improve posture and increase fat loss, with the added bonus of making you feel stronger.

Sessions run for an hour long and combine modern training techniques with up to date equipment with old school games that improve fitness while having fun. When you have fun whilst training, the effects of exercise are reduced meaning that you can push harder than normal, seeing greater results quicker.

Ashley can also offer personal training sessions on a 1-1 or small group level, these sessions are targeted to the clients personal goals and gives a more personalised development with more care and attention.

If you are interested in a fitness bootcamp or personal session, visit the website at http://www.gofitashford.co.uk or find out more on facebook with @gofitashford