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Pre-Season Road Cycling Physiological Testing

Pre-Season Road Cycling Physiological Testing

Maximal Oxygen Uptake Test: £299 £149.

Computerised Breath-by-Breath Gas Analysis. We use the same kit as Team Sky, Team GB and Team USA use for their elite cyclists to obtain precise readings and produce a full report, including VO2 max, ventilatory thresholds and substrate use.

Lactate Profiling: £199​ £99.

Expert Lactate analysis providing minute by minute blood and energy system responses to increasing work demands. Blood is taken from the forefinger and analysed within 15 seconds using the most up to date digital monitor in the world.

S-EMG Neuromuscular Measurement: £399 £199.

The ultimate neuromuscular assessment highlighting the weakest links in your kinetic chain. No more guessing – we can quantify the exact contribution from left-right, quads-hamstrings, glutes-calf muscles. If you have a chronic issue causing you discomfort or you have hit a training plateau this test could provide the answer on how to progress further and get the most out of your training.

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