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Service: Physiological Assessment

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  • Client: Zoe Salt
  • Profession: Ultra Running
  • Consultant: Richard Brennan

When a client who has achieved a podium position, 3rd, in the brutal 250km Marathon des Sables contacted SSC asking for help the team got very excited. Following a 4th place at the 171km North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc SSC assisted Zoe in achieving 1st place at the 130km Iznik Ultra and 3rd place at the 60km True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra.

I have been using SSC for aver 5 years now and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Since their relocation to Royal Russell School in Surrey their service provision has improved immeasureably. The Sport Science support staff from the Universities of Bath, Loughborough and Surrey who work for SSC have been so professional and their attention to detail is amazing, I couldn't recommend them highly enough.


  • Design and implement a battery of physiological tests to highlight areas of weakness for an Ultra-Runner
  • Carry out a Functional Movement Screen and design an S & C Program based upon the results.
  • Address gastro-intestinal challenges posed by eating and drinking on the rub.
  • Introduce any relevant nutrional interventions to improve performance and offset fatigue.

Programme Details:

  • Computerised Breath-by-Breath Gas Analysis using a bespoke Long Graded Exercise Test protocol to determine Ventilatory Threshold 1 & 2 as well as VO2max.
  • Create a selection of vegan friendly portable meals that can be eaten with two bites and accompanied by macronutrient breakdowns for each serving.
  • Using mouth rinsing carbohydrate (CHO) strategy to enahnce existing CHO intake.
  • S & C program designed to strengthen glutes and assist in hip extension as well as improving core function as an aid to running economy.


  • Client: Neil Mullarkey
  • Profession: Consultants
  • Consultant: Richard Brennan

From co-founding the world famous Comedy Store Players with Mike Myers, through to appearing on the likes of Have I Got News For You, Whose Line Is It Anyway and QI, Neil Mullarkey has worked with the most talented names in comedy, film, radio and television and now travels the world as a communication coach.

I have worked with Richard for over 3 years now. His remit is to keep me functional and pain free with a longer term goal of improving posture and combatting the effect of extended periods of sitting and standing. He uses a variety of soft-tissue manipulation techniques to improve my range of motion and address a long term joint complaint as well as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions, using a heart rate monitor to measure intensity, to improve my aerobic fitness. The sessions are very effective and I am very pleased to recommend him’



  • Address pain in right hip.
  • Address postural dysfunction.
  • Design program to complement 1-2-1 sessions.

Programme Details:

  • Myofascial release: ITB, Piriformis, Rectus Femoris, Iliopsoas.
  • Strengthen: glutes, TVA, multifidus and erector spinae.
  • PNF Stretch: hamstrings, hip flexors, upper trapezius, levator scapulae.


  • Client: Professor Ian Jones
  • Profession: Musician - Pianist
  • Consultant: Richard Brennan

Professor Ian Jones is Assistant Head of Keyboard and Professor of Piano at The Royal College of Music in London. "I had used SSC in the past to design and implement a rehabilitation program for a shoulder injury which went very smoothly but it was their research on Muscians Dystonia and the application of that research in order to rehabilitate a student and enable them to resume playing which impressed me immensely. The attention to detail of the program SSC designed and the sound scientific research that guided them was second to none. Professional musicians are prone to various postural complaints and I will continue to recommend SSC as my students first port of call."


  • Research and report on the etiology of Musician's Dystonia.
  • Design and implement a strength and conditioning program addressing neck and shoulder pain in pianists.

Programme Details:

  • Detailed report based on 13 different research papers on the etiology of focal task-specific dystonia
  • Easy to follow S & C program including warm-up stretches and self-myofascial release with pictures and video content


  • Client: Linzie Janis
  • Profession: Correspondent
  • Consultant: Richard Brennan

Linzie Janis is a correspondent for ABC News and is now based in New York. "SSC provided an expert and excellent Nutritional Support service which outshone any type of diet or weight loss program I had experienced before. My first appointment involved a bioimpedance analysis to measure my bodyfat and muscle mass and a resting metabolic test to determine which fuel my body was using and in what ratio, turns out I was a carb-burner! Following a strict regime of strength training, cycling and 'to the ounce' nutritional guidance I achieved my goals and then some. I cannot thank Richard and his team enough and my new role at ABC is a testament to their work."


  • Reduce bodyfat but keep a healthy look
  • Improve posture and core strength
  • Design a way of eating that works 24/7 for a very busy professional

Programme Details:

  • CPET resting metabolic test to determine fuel use using breath-by-breath gas analysis
  • Biospace In-Body Impedance Analysis to provide baseline anthropometric data
  • Core function test and aerobic assessment followed by program design
  • Daily diet sheets for 4 weeks including on-the-go meals