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Injury Rehabilitation:


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  • Client: Professor Ian Jones
  • Profession: Musician - Pianist
  • Consultant: Richard Brennan

Professor Ian Jones is Assistant Head of Keyboard and Professor of Piano at The Royal College of Music in London. "I had used SSC in the past to design and implement a rehabilitation program for a shoulder injury which went very smoothly but it was their research on Muscians Dystonia and the application of that research in order to rehabilitate a student and enable them to resume playing which impressed me immensely. The attention to detail of the program SSC designed and the sound scientific research that guided them was second to none. Professional musicians are prone to various postural complaints and I will continue to recommend SSC as my students first port of call."


  • Research and report on the etiology of Musician's Dystonia.
  • Design and implement a strength and conditioning program addressing neck and shoulder pain in pianists.

Programme Details:

  • Detailed report based on 13 different research papers on the etiology of focal task-specific dystonia
  • Easy to follow S & C program including warm-up stretches and self-myofascial release with pictures and video content