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Team Sports Coaching & Performance Enhancement:


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  • Client: Linzie Janis
  • Profession: Correspondent
  • Consultant: Richard Brennan

Linzie Janis is a correspondent for ABC News and is now based in New York. "SSC provided an expert and excellent Nutritional Support service which outshone any type of diet or weight loss program I had experienced before. My first appointment involved a bioimpedance analysis to measure my bodyfat and muscle mass and a resting metabolic test to determine which fuel my body was using and in what ratio, turns out I was a carb-burner! Following a strict regime of strength training, cycling and 'to the ounce' nutritional guidance I achieved my goals and then some. I cannot thank Richard and his team enough and my new role at ABC is a testament to their work."


  • Reduce bodyfat but keep a healthy look
  • Improve posture and core strength
  • Design a way of eating that works 24/7 for a very busy professional

Programme Details:

  • CPET resting metabolic test to determine fuel use using breath-by-breath gas analysis
  • Biospace In-Body Impedance Analysis to provide baseline anthropometric data
  • Core function test and aerobic assessment followed by program design
  • Daily diet sheets for 4 weeks including on-the-go meals